Pieniny mountain

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Temat: Dunajec najpjekniesza rzeka w Polsce.
...rzeki, plany o abslutnym unicestwieniu duzego obaszaruw czasie kiedy wjekszosc tego typu projektow jest odsunieta do lamusa. Ostanio czytallem ze wRosjio wszytkie tamy sa w tak oplakanym stanie ze grozi katrastrofa w kazdej jedne. Podobnie to wyglada w China, w Usa jest sporo problemow. Ciekaw jestem co zwiazek wedkarski o tym mysli?? The Dunajec River Gorge (Polish: Przełom Dunajca; Slovak: Prielom Dunajca; German: Dohnst-Schlucht) runs through the Pieniny Mountains in the south of Poland and the north of Slovakia (as Dunajec is the border river between the two countries in the area). The gorge is characterized by some of the most interesting geological and geomorphological structures and area-specific natural ecosystems with little anthropogenic influence. It is featured on UNESCO's Tentative List of World Heritage Sites in Poland. Dunajec Gorge is also one of the best-known tourist attractions in the
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Temat: Holiday & GPS
It depends on what You want to see or visit. Personally I love mountains and everything what is connected with (photography, mountaineering, soft climbing etc). So, my recommendation is to hit Szczawnica, "capital" of Gorce & Pieniny mountains. It's on the East-North from Zakopane, about 30km. September is great month for long trips. Therefore you can plan many outings. Highest summit in Gorce is Turbacz (1314m). Wonderful view! 5 days is fine. I don't know how much time You want to spend on visiting of our country. It is also possible to go down to Slovakia and see soutern part of Tatra mountains. If you consider that I recommend Kezmarok, Tatranska Lomnica (almost 2600m and great view!)...
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